Apprise | ap·prise | /əˈprīz/ | verb : to inform or tell
Apprised Design : design informed by a strong understanding of users and stakeholders


Explore examples of my work curated from industry projects, schoolwork, and personal ideas.

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Design Process

Consistently good design comes from a strong design process. Over the last century industry professionals and academics have created, explored, researched, and tested aspects of the design process in order to help designers become more effective.

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About Me

I hold degrees in Mechanical Engineering and User Centered Design, and I have worked in design and manufacturing roles spanning a number of product types.

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Inspiration and learning can come from so many different places. Books, journals, blogs, radio/podcasts, and videos are all great ways to explore and broaden your design knowledge.

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Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or opportunities you may have.

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