About Me

I received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an M.S. in Design Science from the University of Michigan. I have over five years of experience working in a number of fields including the solar industry, mechanical engineering consulting, and user research. Continue reading below for more information, or feel free to view my resume in PDF format.

Resume PDF


UM Design Science

University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, MI • 9/15 - 12/16

M.S. Design Science

The Design Science degree is a multidisciplinary program focused on understanding, creating, and developing design processes backed by strong scientific evidence. My main focus was on user centered design practices; I was also able to take a few interesting courses on automotive systems design to satisfy my lifelong passion for cars. Nearly all courses included an in-depth group project - creating new design tools, providing user testing and evaluation to university websites, and conceiving and developing a consumer product (see Zoi Shower Meter in portfolio). The program required a practicum project, which I completed by working with US Army TARDEC via DCS Corp to create and execute a user trial for a next generation armored ground vehicle human machine interface (HMI).


Rensselear Polytechnic Institute • Troy, NY • 9/06 - 5/10

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

While attending RPI I studied mechanical engineering with a concentration on mechanical design. For my senior capstone project I was part of a team that developed a wind tunnel test area with adjustable geometry, allowing for variable pressure profiles along the direction of airflow. The project was sponsored by Boeing, and in a funny coincidence the systems being tested in the tunnel were piezoelectric jet actuators designed and manufactured by Mide Technology Corp, a company I would later work for.

Industry Experience


Primaira LLC • Woburn, MA • 5/18 - Present

Product Development Engineer


DCS Corporation • Warren, MI • 4/16 - 10/16

M.S. Degree Intern

I joined DCS as an intern to complete the practicum requirement for my Design Science Master's program. For my project, I collaborated with the US Army Tank Automotive Research Design and Engineering Center (TARDEC) on a human centered design of a HMI for the Bradley armored fighting vehicle.


Mide Technology Corporation • Medford, MA • 11/12 - 6/15

Production Manager

I was responsible for the management and growth of a piezoelectric product line with $600k+ annual revenue. I worked internally or with customers to bring new product concepts to production, making sure they were viable to produce while still meeting the targets of the customer for price, volume, and functionality.

Mechanical Engineer

At Mide I was able to contribute to projects initiated through government grants (SBIR, STTR, RIF), customer interest, or internal development efforts. I researched and developed piezoelectric sensor and actuator applications for haptic interface systems, flow control, electronic cooling applications, and medical devices. I also worked on general mechanical engineering problems, often for DoD customers.


Satcon Technology Corporation • Boston, MA • 5/09 - 4/12

Mechanical Engineer

At Satcon, my work focused primarily on package design for industrial scale solar power infrastructure products. My responsibilities included designing sheet metal enclosures, heat management and air handling systems, designing for standards compliance, and developing cost saving measures. I was also able to gain experience in a manufacturing engineering role during the first run of a new product.


Hall Spars and Rigging • Bristol, RI • 5/07 - 9/07


As a summer intern I cycled through multiple areas in the company's sailboat component manufacturing plant, such as paint preparation, machining, assembly, and carbon fiber fabrication.